Our Vision

To improve the wellbeing of Pacific Island people and their families in Aoraki, using the fale model.

Mission Statement

To identify and provide needed support to Pacific Island people and their families in Aoraki, and to make a difference in their lives.

Fale Model

The fale model depicts the concept of wellbeing in terms of the traditional Pacific house (fale). The foundation represents the family, the roof represents our culture and our beliefs, which are our shelter for life and gives us our sense of belonging. The space inside represents our Pacific value and the four posts hold the roof up and represent the four dimensions of people:

  • spiritual,
  • physical,
  • mental,
  • and our social surroundings.

Around the ‘fale’ is the context we live in, some were born in the Pacific Islands, others, in Aotearoa, but we share the experience of living in Aoraki.

Why Fale Pasifika O Aoraki began

  • There was no pacific island, social support provider in the region
  • It is easier for pacific people to talk to people who are from a similar cultural background
  • To give support to pacific people in the region
  • To promote better living practices thru programmes & fono’s

How to access our services and groups

  • Through referrals from other organisations
  • Working alongside other organisations
  • By walking off the street, into our offices
  • By phoning, emails or via our web site
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