Services and Programmes

We are here to help you!!! Our services are free & confidential, the “fale” model guides all we do.

Tupu Aotearoa Programme

Helping Pacific people find employment, complete further training or study.

Pasifika o Aoraki is the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) Tupu Aotearoa provider for Canterbury Metro covering Christchurch, Ashburton and Timaru along with the wider region. They have long been established in South Canterbury and recently established transitional housing in Christchurch. While much of their work has been around Pacific social support and education, Tupu Aotearoa provides a vehicle for targeted employment and education pathways in collaboration with other parties. In the new year we hope to provide an opportunity for you to connect with Fale Pasifika and explore collaborative possibilities within the Tupu Aotearoa framework.

Tupu Aotearoa is about connecting Pacific people with local providers who will support things such as:

  • Upskilling and training
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Support writing a CV & cover letter
  • Interview preparation
  • Career advice
  • Finding a job


  • Pacific People aged 15 years and older
  • Pacific people not employed, in education or training
  • Pacific people who are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents
  • You could also be someone who may not have achieved NCEA level 2, maybe known to Youth Justice, referred by Police or Oranga Tamariki

Working with Family Violence and reducing family harm

Direct services to fanau / families and whanau that restore safety and wellbeing / mauri ora where family violence has been or is at risk of occurring. Create longer-term change needed to prevent family violence from recurring.

Whanau Ora

This is all about family well-being assessment and wrap around assistance. Our Whanau Ora navigators help families navigate their way through their plan to achieve their goals and to manage themselves in the future.

Money Fale

We have qualified financial advisors who work with families to build their financial capability (BFC) so they can budget, save, pay-off debts and manage their money wisely.

It’s about helping people get out of the poverty trap through running fono’s, workshops and fanau groups.

Youth-led matua programme

We are very proud of our strong youth-led programme based on closer relationship with matua. Lots of fun and learning through festivals, arts and crafts, learning activities and cultural events.

Fabulicious Women’s Group

A wonderful programme honoring women. A mixture of socialising, and pamper evenings, talks and courses. A mental health and wellbeing peer group uplifting the station of women. Lots of fun, empowerment and self-esteem building. A space for women to share their stories.

Pearl of Malo

It is an opportunity for mothers and daughters time. Together they share cultural learnings, discuss anti-violence and family violence, parenting and caregiving, health and safety. Making time to build good strong relationships and discuss the difficulties and concerns around ‘walking in two worlds’ and maintain culture and language.

Healthy Homes Programme

Healthy, loving, safe, warm, happy homes are the foundation of empowering families. Statistics for Pasifika families with poor ventilation, cold, damp, overcrowding and unstable housing are high. This project is a game changer for families on and near the poverty line.

Fakalekesi Mareqeta – Mother and Pepe Programme

Helping to changing lives – helping Mothers giving Pepe’s a good start to life, helping families to feel good about themselves. This is a programme for pregnant Mama’s which we can run in your own home or in the community.  This is to reduce hospitalization.

Mo’ui Malosi

This is a Timaru initiative that is run by students using our creative arts, songs and actions that can form exercises jumbas for matua in the community. Plenty of fun here.

Make your Mark (MyM)

A programme to help Pasifika students achieve where Matua come along and hold talanoa through drama singing arts and debating – all in English – a place for children and parents to grow. A homework club that is just so much more!

Emergency Housing

We have Emergency Transitional houses in Christchurch Ashburton, Oamaru and Timaru. Demand is high and increasing.

Family Violence and Mental Health

Family Violence and mental health, especially in the context of Pasifika families, is a priority concern to Fale Pasifika. It is not okay, and it was never okay!

All our programmes have positive mental health and wellbeing messages. We are continually working with communities, families and individuals on the ‘It’s not okay’ message, providing tools and space for personal change.

We are currently working on our own specific programme models and hope to be running dedicated Pasifika stopping violence and mental health programmes

Services we can provide

  • Someone to help you approach Government department such as;
  • Work & income
  • IRD
  • ACC
  • Housing NZ
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Immigrations
  • Health Departments etc
  • Translations of forms or at Appointment
  • Staying healthy, sports etc
  • Knowing more about your Pacific Heritage etc
  • Our “Anti-Violence” campaign
  • Someone to talk to, someone to listen

Who we are for?

  • All pacific people in our region
  • As far North as Christchurch
  • As far South as Oamaru
  • As far West as the Southern Alps
  • Centrally – around the Timaru/South Canterbury area